The Scott Pet Approach To Healthy Chew Bones For Puppies

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As a leading pet products manufacturer, Scott Pet employees, and owners are animal lovers. Most of us have dogs at home, and we have experienced the fun and excitement of bringing home a puppy. We also understand how responsible owners feel for the health and well-being of the new addition to the family, and how essential making healthy choices throughout the life of the dog will be.

To get your puppy started off on the right path, we have designed our line of healthy chew bones for puppies. These are designed for use with weaned puppies, and we offer several different sizes for tiny puppies up to the larger puppies.

Production and Manufacturing

Our Premium Nutri Chomps line of bones for dogs and puppies has been carefully researched and developed. We use only GFSI facilities, which means our production facilities meet the Global Food Safety Initiative standards. This covers everything from handling to packaging and ensures it meets the same standards as food production.


In addition to GFSI certification for our production facilities, we also focus on healthy ingredients. This means no dangerous rawhide, which is simply a byproduct of leather manufacturing.

Instead, you will find our healthy chew bones for puppies are made from chicken and pork skin with healthy ingredients such as milk and peanut butter. We also add essential nutrients and vitamins to help your puppy’s metabolism and body systems.

All of our healthy chew bones for puppies are designed with our own puppies and dogs in mind. Our focus is on providing the best quality product in a variety of styles, sizes, and flavors to meet the needs of puppies of all sizes. To find out more, or to locate a retailer near you, visit us today at