Ingredients & Benefits

Made With Real Ingredients

Premium NutriChomps are made with real, quality ingredients that you can find right in your kitchen. Rawhide-free, easy to digest, and high in protein, NutriChomps are vitamin and mineral enriched. All of these qualities are essential to your dog’s health!


We make NutriChomps dog chews with the same quality food you feed your family. Our dog chew ingredients include real chicken, milk, peanut butter to ensure our treats are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Why Dogs Chew

Destructive chewing occurs when your dog has no appropriate outlet for his innate need to chew.

Dogs of all ages and breeds, and at every stage of life, from puppies to seniors, need to chew. Chewing enables puppies to ease the pain of teething, but it also exercises jaw muscles and strengthens teeth for dogs of all ages. Quality dog chews help clean teeth and gums, and they are a key component of your dog’s dental hygiene. A dog’s sensitive mouth helps him learn about his world by licking, gnawing, and chewing. Chewing also alleviates stress, anxiety, and boredom while providing your best friend a great deal of physical pleasure and mental stimulation.

To avoid destructive chewing behavior in dogs, encourage them to turn to healthy chew alternatives for dogs instead.

The Truth About Rawhide

As important as it is for your furry friend to exercise his need to chew, it’s critical that you choose healthy chew alternatives for dogs. Commercially popular rawhide bones and chews are made with cowhides and loaded with toxic chemicals like bleach, formaldehyde, and glue. Unsurprisingly, these harmful chemicals can cause irritation when pieces are swallowed. Rawhide is also indigestible, so it remains in the digestive system for days before it is passed. What’s more, it can swell to more than double its size, posing a risk of painful blockage.

Skip these dangers and toxins, and choose healthy, safe, 100% rawhide-free chews from NutriChomps.

Our Commitment to Your Dogs

At NutriChomps, we feed and care for your dogs as we do our own. We know you cherish your fur family and want only the best for them. That’s why we use quality dog chew ingredients that you’ll feel good about feeding your best friend. We never use artificial flavors, or dyes. We start with real chicken meat, milk, and peanut butter to make our tasty, nutritious chews. Our chews are vitamin and mineral enriched to strengthen your dog’s immune system, help build healthy bones and muscles, boost metabolism, and support the nervous system.

We make our healthy chew alternatives for dogs in an FDA approved, state-of-the-art facility certified to the Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI). We are one of only a few pet manufacturing facilities to earn this certification.

Choosing Dog Chews

When choosing dog chews, nutritious and quality dog chew ingredients are essential. But getting the right size is important, too. Puppies and miniatures may struggle to use chews that are too large for them, while large dogs or aggressive chewers may swallow small chews whole.

For this reason, we make our dog chews in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of all sizes. Consult our NutriChomps size guide to discover the chews sized just right for every member of your fur family, from weaned puppies and tiny dogs weighing less than 20 pounds to the biggest boys on the block weighing 90 pounds or more.

In addition to various sizes and flavors, our chews come in several different shapes and textures to keep dogs always wanting more. Our chicken kabobs and flavored knots make terrific rewards after a good training session, while your dog will enjoy unwinding with a satisfying chew on a chicken twist treat. Our braided chews present an intriguing texture for dogs to explore. Try unbraiding it to adjust how you offer the treat. We also offer a chicken and pork skin ear-shaped chew, which is always a big hit with dogs of all sizes.

Where to Find NutriChomps

Discover our full lineup of NutriChomps healthy chew alternatives for dogs through our trusted partners at Amazon, Chewy, and your local retailers.

Because your dog deserves the very best, choose NutriChomps, today.