NutriChomps vs Rawhide

Healthy Rawhide Alternative

Most dogs seem to like rawhide chews. But it’s not the rawhide that got their attention. They were tricked into thinking they liked it after it was basted, smoked, stuffed or wrapped with flavors they couldn’t resist.

The truth is – rawhide just isn’t good for them.

Learn about the dangers of rawhide below.

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Move Over Rawhide NutriChomps Are Here

Even if your dog doesn’t seem to have problems with rawhide, it doesn’t mean he’s feeling his best. Rawhide, which is difficult to digest, stays in the system for days, seriously gumming up the works. It’s uncomfortable – and in some dogs, it can cause severe blockages, which require surgery.

NutriChomps offers an alternative to rawhide. Now your dogs can continue enjoying their chew time without sacrificing digestive health.