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Where to Buy NutriChomps

When you know the quality of NutriChomp’s healthy dog chews, the next question is obvious: Where can you buy NutriChomps? You’ll find the complete lineup of NutriChomps dog chews online at Amazon and Chewy. Target also offers our dog chews, both in-store and online, and you can find NutriChomps at Walmart.com, too, though only online. You can also get our delicious chicken knots, peanut butter sticks, milk braids, and more at select local retailers and in stores at Petco and Petsmart.

Enter your zip code below, and our system will show you where to buy NutriChomps near you. In addition to the retailers listed above, you’ll find our products in-store at Tractor Supply Company as well as select grocery stores and local pet supply locations.

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      Why Choose NutriChomps?

      Before deciding where to buy dog bones, it’s essential to choose healthy dog chews, which is our specialty. We make NutriChomps from premium ingredients like real chicken meat, delicious peanut butter, and milk. No artificial flavorings or colors; we simply use the nutritional ingredients dogs love.

      Our tasty dog chews are loaded with protein and heart-healthy fats to support every part of your dog’s anatomy and development. We add plenty of dietary fiber so that our chews are easily and naturally digestible. Our chews are also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to meet your dog’s unique needs.

      Our U.S.-patented chews are naturally digestible and are a wholesome treat to reward your dog in between meals. Because we understand your dog is a member of your family, we use only quality ingredients like those you feed the rest of your family. In addition to great ingredients, we put them together in a state-of-the-art facility that is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The GFSI is the same international board that regulates food production. We’re proud to produce your dog’s treats in one of the few pet food and treat facilities to earn this certification.

      Choosing NutriChomps Chews Styles

      Even when you provide the very best dog chews in your pet’s favorite flavor, consider mixing it up a bit. Just like us, dogs enjoy variety. Keep his favorite chews tasting and feeling fresh by providing some variety in form and flavor. We offer our healthy chews as knots, braids, sticks, twists, and ears. Your dog will enjoy flavors like chicken, peanut butter, and milk. Discover the complete lineup of NutriChomps at Petsmart in the store or online through Amazon or Chewy.

      While dogs love NutriChomps, choose the chews that are best suited for your best friend. It turns out that size matters. Small dogs may struggle to bite and chew treats made for big dogs. And large dogs are likely to swallow small treats whole, missing the fun and flavor of a satisfying chew.

      Not to worry; we make our tasty, nutritious chews in various shapes and sizes. Use our size guide to determine the best chews for your dog based on weight. You’ll find chews perfect for weaned puppies to dogs ranging from teacup dogs to super-sized (weighing 90 pounds or more).

      Why Dogs Chew

      If destructive chewing is a challenge in your home, it’s essential to understand that dogs need to chew. They don’t chew to annoy you. From the time they are puppies, chewing eases the pain of developing teeth. It also provides a source of comfort for dogs. As they mature, dogs investigate their world in part by chewing. It is mentally stimulating while easing stress and anxiety.

      The goal is not to stop your dog from chewing but to end destructive chewing. Provide safe chew toys and treats as appropriate targets for your dog’s chewing. Interrupt destructive chewing with a firm, “No.” Then offer the chew toy or treat and give plenty of praise for chewing the approved item.

      Why NutriChomps is Rawhide-Free.

      When you have found where to buy dog bones near you, skip the many rawhide chews and go straight to the NutriChomps choices. While rawhide is cheap, long-lasting, and easy to find, it’s made from discarded scraps of cowhide that have been soaked in bleach and treated with formaldehyde and a host of other toxic chemicals. It is then slathered in glue and shellacked before being offered to you for your dog. Rawhide can leach harmful chemicals into your dog’s mouth as he chews and lead to intestinal blockages when he swallows it. To help keep your dog safe and happy, always go the rawhide-free route.

      Once you know where to buy NutriChomps for your dog, don’t you think it’s time to get some?