NutriChomps Size Guide

NutriChomps Size Guide

Tasty, nutritious dog chews give your dog a safe, appropriate outlet for his innate need to chew. The best chew treats for dogs exercise your dog’s jaw muscles while strengthening and cleaning his teeth and gums. Dogs love to chew, as it can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Chewing also minimizes the pain of teething for puppies with a calming, soothing activity. Because a dog’s mouth is sensitive, chewing can provide a great deal of stimulation and even entertainment.

Rawhide Alternative

As important as it is for dogs to chew, it is vital to select safe and healthy types of dog chews. Rawhide, a commercially popular type of chew, is often heavily salted and made with bleached cowhide scraps treated with highly toxic chemicals and compounds, including glue. Rawhide can swell up several times its size, risking painful, dangerous blockages if ingested. Rawhide can’t be fully digested, so it can remain in a dog’s system for days before it can be passed.

Because rawhide can be dangerous for dogs, it’s important to choose non-rawhide dog chews made from real ingredients like chicken and duck meat, pork skin, milk, and peanut butter. Our dog chews are 100% rawhide-free and are vitamin and mineral enriched to ensure your best friend’s good health.

Size Matters

The best chew treats for dogs are more than just flavorful and nutritious; they are sized right for your dog’s mouth and needs. Puppies and small dogs may hurt their tender gums or struggle to make good use of chews too large for them. Meanwhile, big dogs can swallow small chews whole rather than benefit from a satisfying chew.

We provide a range of dog chews for different sized dog breeds and every stage of life, from weaned puppies to seniors. You will want to choose a dog chew that is just a bit bigger than your buddy’s mouth. Explore our selection of healthy dog chews by those recommended for different sized dogs.

You’ll find the best chews for puppies, tiny dogs under 20 pounds, small dogs weighing 20-40 pounds, medium dogs 40-60 pounds, large dogs weighing 60-90 pounds, and even extra large dogs weighing in at 90 pounds or more.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, consider trying a dog chew level rated a size or two larger than his weight class to guard against accidentally swallowing the chew whole. Always supervise your dog when giving a chew.

Where to Find NutriChomps

You’ll find the best dog chews for large dogs and small dogs, sized just right for every member of your fur family in a range of shapes and flavors. With a variety of types of dog chews, your best friend will never be bored. Choose from delicious kabobs, knots, twists, sticks, and ear-shaped chews, each made with quality ingredients and no artificial flavors or dyes.

Discover NutriChomps rawhide-free chews for dogs of all sizes and ages at trusted partners like Amazon, Chewy, and your local retailers.

Now that you know the best chew treats for dogs, isn’t it time you give your dog the best?