Benefits of Rawhide Alternatives

Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

Your dog deserves the very best. That’s why you need safe rawhide alternative chews from NutriChomps. We make our nutritious chews with quality ingredients like those you feed your family. Real chicken meat, peanut butter, and milk give our rawhide alternative bones the nutrition you want and the flavor your fur friend craves.

What You Need to Know About Rawhide

Dogs need to chew. It’s essential for their health and well-being. Chewing relieves stress and enables dogs to wind down after excitement. Chewing also exercises their jaws and keeps their teeth strong. When you choose a good alternative to rawhide bones for dogs, chewing even helps clean teeth and gums of tartar and plaque. It’s essential to give your fur friend an appropriate outlet for his need to chew to redirect him from destructive chewing on your shoes or the furniture. This is the point where many dog parents reach for rawhide chews.

Rawhide is cheap, plentiful, and durable, but it’s made from heavily salted cowhide scraps soaked in a toxic brew of compounds like bleach, glue, and formaldehyde. In fact, rawhide chews were invented to make money from discarded scraps on the tannery floor. Don’t subject your dog to painful intestinal blockages (and expensive surgeries) that can occur when he inevitably swallows a piece of indigestible rawhide. Instead, choose safe, nutritious rawhide alternative chews.

Why Choose NutriChomps Rawhide Alternative Chews

We developed our rawhide alternative chews to nourish and nurture our beloved dogs and yours. We skip the artificial flavors and dyes other brands use. Instead, the flavor comes from the quality ingredients we use to make our chews.

We use real chicken and duck meat for our kabobs. These are a good alternative to rawhide chews that works well as a treat to reinforce a good training session. Milk and peanut butter make our braids and twists tail-wagging favorites. Big dogs love our chicken-wrapped, 15″ long sticks! Meanwhile, chicken meat and pork skin make our ear-shaped chews a must-have for dogs of all sizes.

Size matters when choosing rawhide alternative chews. Small dogs may struggle to make successful use of a chew that’s too large for their mouths, risking a chipped or cracked tooth. On the other hand, big dogs may swallow a small chew whole, missing most of the benefits. Consult our size guide to discover the best chews sized just right for every one of your furry friends.

Where to Find NutriChomps

Our patented, rawhide alternative chews are manufactured in certified compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The GFSI sets global food safety standards for food production, packaging, storage, and distribution. Our facility is one of very few pet food and treats manufacturing facilities in the world to receive GFSI certification.

You’ll find NutriChomps nutritious, tasty rawhide alternatives at Amazon and Chewy as well as local retailers.

Next time you say, “That’s a good boy,” show him you mean it. Give him NutriChomps today!