Healthy Dog Chews

At NutriChomps, we specialize in making tasty, healthy dog chews that support your best friend’s need to chew. We never use rawhide, only premium ingredients for nutrition that taste as great as it is good for your dog’s health and well-being. Our rawhide-free dog chews are fully digestible, an important part of a healthy diet. Our chews feature all of the benefits your dog craves, with none of the risks or drawbacks other varieties present. We call that a win-win!

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15″ Chicken Wrapped Long Stick – 1 Count

15″ Peanut Butter Wrapped Long Stick – 1 Count

2.5″ Chicken Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Peanut Butter Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Knots – 12 Count

4.5″ Chicken and Duck Kabobs – 6 Count

4″ Assorted Flavor Knots – 9 Count

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

- Josh Billings

4″ Chicken Wrapped Knots – 7 Count

4″ Milk Knots – 9 Count

Choose Healthy Dog Chews

Discover healthy dog chews in a wide range of shapes, textures, sizes, and flavors that delight dogs of all sizes. Our chicken twists are bursting with flavor and are perfect for a satisfying chew while your dog relaxes and unwinds after a long run or vigorous play. Knots made with real chicken meat and milk make terrific treats after a training session to show him you know who’s a good boy. Meanwhile, our braided chicken, milk, and peanut butter chews give your dog an intriguing texture to explore as she chews. And you can unwind the braid to adjust how you offer the treats. Our chicken meat and pork skin ear-shaped chews are a delectable treat with an unusual shape and size — a must-have for all dogs. All of our non-rawhide chews are fully digestible, leave no mess, and won’t stain your carpet or furniture.

Nutritious, Non-Rawhide Dog Chews

Rawhide chews can be dangerous. They often include toxic chemicals, such as bleach, glue, formaldehyde, and lead. Not only is rawhide not digestible, but it can swell to double its size or larger, posing a serious risk of intestinal blockage.

At NutriChomps, it’s not enough to make no-rawhide dog chews for your furry friends and ours. We set out to make nutritious, healthy dog chews that are much more than a delicious and safe treat. Our chews provide an active boost to your dog’s health and well-being.

We start with premium quality ingredients, like chicken meat, duck, milk, and peanut butter for both nutrition and flavor. We fortify our patented, digestible dog chews with plenty of fiber and then they are vitamin and mineral enriched to promote healthy eyes, skin, coat, bones, and muscles. We skip the artificial flavors and dyes found in other brands. Instead, we provide your fur family with the same wholesome goodness we give our own.

Sized Just Right for Your Dog

At NutriChomps, we have designed healthy, digestible dog chews sized just right for your dog. You don’t want chews so small your dog just swallows it, but you also don’t want chews so big that they’re uncomfortable for your dog to chew.

We offer healthy dog chews in various shapes and sizes that suit everyone in your fur family, from weaned puppies and small dogs to medium-sized dogs and giant dogs. Consult our size guide to find the selection that best suits your dog’s needs.

Find a NutriChomps retailer and treat your dog to our non-rawhide chews today. From our peanut butter mini flavor twists to our chicken-flavored braids, your dog is sure to find a favorite! Contact us for more information on choosing the right chew for your dog.