Dog Chews for Small Dogs

Small dogs (those weighing between 20 to 40 pounds) run, jump, and play just as hard as any big dog. They’re on the go with us from morning till night, and small dogs certainly lay claim to an outsized chunk of our hearts. Small dogs also have just as great a need for stimulation, exercise, stress-release, dental hygiene, and quality nutrition as the big boys. All of these factor into your choice of the best dog chews for small dogs.


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2.5″ Chicken Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Peanut Butter Mini Knot – 8 Count

4.5″ Chicken and Duck Kabobs – 6 Count

5″ Assorted Flavor Mini Twists – 12 Count

5″ Assorted Flavor Wrapped Mini Sticks -15 Count

5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

5″ Peanut Butter Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

These are my favorite dog chew for my 68 lb dog. He loves them and they take a little while to chew. No stomach or choking issues with these.

- Erin Earles

5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Twists – 12 Count

6″ Assorted Flavor Braids – 4 Count

While small dogs live big lives, they are built to take smaller bites. The full-sized chews intended for German shepherds and other large breeds can be uncomfortable and frustrating for smaller breeds to get a good, satisfying chew. The ideal-sized dog chew is one that is just a bit larger than your dog’s mouth. That’s why, at NutriChomops, we have created a number of nutritious dog chews with big flavor sized just right for small dogs. Discover the perfect dog chews sized for every member of your furry family in our size guide.

NutriChomps Chew Treats for Small Dogs

Our selection of dog chews for small dogs includes various flavors, shapes, and textures to tempt and delight your best friend in every circumstance. Our chicken kabobs make terrific chew treats for small dogs to reinforce a successful training session. Our mini twists come in chops-licking flavors like chicken, milk, and peanut butter. These twists are perfect for a good chew while winding down after a long run or an exciting romp in the park.

Our small dog chew sticks are shaped to mimic the experience of sticks they might find in the wild. NutriChomps braids offer an interesting chewing experience and come in chicken, milk, and peanut butter flavors and feature mixed and assorted flavors, too. Offer your little buddy a whole braid, or unwind it and break it into pieces to vary the way you give this long-lasting treat.

Dogs of all sizes love our chicken and pork skin ear-shaped chews. Perhaps the shape reminds them of puppyhood when they would chew on their mom’s or siblings’ ears. Whatever the reason, these popular, tasty chews are a unique shape that is suitable for all-sized dogs.

Do Small Dogs Need Chews?

In a word, yes. All dogs have an innate need to chew, no matter their size. As puppies, dogs learn to chew to ease the pain of teething. As they mature, they explore their world with their sensitive mouths. Dogs learn through lipping and licking, gnawing, and chewing. It provides mental stimulation and alleviates stress. Chewing also combats boredom in older dogs.

When a dog chews on your slippers or the furniture, he isn’t searching for trouble. He simply needs to chew. When you provide safe, healthy chews, you offer an appropriate outlet for his chewing, which prevents destructive chewing. Choose a strong, resilient chew like NutriChomps that your furry friend can break up tartar and plaque while chewing, boosting dental hygiene.

Quality Nutrition for Small Dogs

The best chew sticks for small dogs are made from the same great quality nutrition you give your family. We make our patented dog chews from premium ingredients like real chicken meat, milk, and peanut butter to help build healthy bodies, muscles, and bones. We add plenty of fiber and our dog chews are vitamin and mineral enriched.

We have also formulated our small dog chew sticks to meet the nutritional needs unique to dogs. Because we choose only quality ingredients, NutriChomps chews are completely digestible, minimizing the risk of intestinal blockage or irritation for your dog. Contrast this with the dangers posed by rawhide, a commercially popular but dangerous dog chew.

NutriChomps Dog Chews for Small Dogs

Small dogs need safe chews that are suitable for their smaller teeth and jaws. NutriChomps dog chews for small dogs are sized just right for small dogs weighing between 20 and 40 pounds. We make our tasty chews with the wholesome nutrition dogs need and the flavor they love.

Discover our full line of NutriChomps dog chews for small dogs and every sized dog on Amazon, Chewy, and at your local retailers.

Because small dogs live big lives, give them NutriChomps today