Puppy Chews

At NutriChomps, puppy chews are serious business. Puppies grow and learn quickly, so it’s important to support that growth with quality nutrition and to establish healthy habits right from the start. We’re honored to be a part of your puppy’s development.


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4.5″ Chicken and Duck Kabobs – 6 Count

5″ Assorted Flavor Mini Twists – 12 Count

5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

5″ Peanut Butter Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Twists – 12 Count

Why You Need Puppy Chews

All puppies need to chew. It is a critical part of their development. Puppies chew to ease the pain of incoming teeth. Chewing also helps to alleviate anxiety due to weaning, parting with siblings, meeting new friends, and adapting to new surroundings and conditions. Puppies also learn a great deal about their world with their incredibly sensitive mouths. Lipping, licking, gnawing, and chewing provides a great deal of information. It is an important source of stimulation that they will enjoy throughout their lives. Chewing also strengthens a puppy’s jaw muscles and developing teeth. And, for puppies, chewing is fun!

Without guidance, this need-to-chew behavior can quickly become a problem as puppies will chew on anything from furniture to shoes. Rather than scolding your puppy or waging a losing battle to block his innate chewing compulsion, guide him away from destructive chewing and toward nutritious, tasty NutriChomps puppy chews. Our healthy chew sticks for puppies provide a safe, appropriate target for chewing while actively boosting your pup’s health and well-being.

Why Choose NutriChomps Puppy Chews

At NutriChomps, we appreciate the important role puppy chews play in your puppy’s health and development. Our safe chews for puppies are loaded with flavor and packed with nutrients to help build healthy bones and muscles. We start with premium ingredients like quality chicken and duck meat, milk, and peanut butter. Then, the chews are vitamin and mineral enriched specifically for the unique needs of growing dogs. High in fiber but low in carbs, our puppy chew sticks offer the building blocks for your pup to become a healthy, happy dog.

We protect and care for your pup like we do our own. Our puppy chews are 100% rawhide-free and fully digestible. We’re proud to provide a nutritious and safe alternative to rawhide. While rawhide is made with toxic compounds and indigestible horsehide, we make NutriChomps using wholesome ingredients like those you feed your family. Our chews are the healthy choice to satisfy your little guy’s need to chew. Our rawhide alternatives for puppies offer wholesome goodness in a durable form for days of satisfying chewing.

Where to Find NutriChomps Puppy Chews

In addition to offering top quality, natural puppy chew sticks, we provide a complete lineup of rawhide-free, safe dog chews for every member of your fur family. As your pup grows up, you might need bigger chews. Consult our size guide to find the right-sized chews based on your fur friend’s size and weight.

NutriChomps are safe chews for puppies and growing dogs, from the little guys right on up to the big boys. You’ll find them at trusted partners like Amazon, Chewy, and your local retailers.
It’s time to introduce your pup to the rawhide-free chews he’ll love for a lifetime. Contact us with any questions. We’ll be happy to help you find the right puppy chews for your best friend.