Nutri Chomps for Tiny Dogs

Suggested Items for Weaned Puppies and Tiny Dogs up to 20 lbs

Rawhide Alternatives for Puppies


Giving your new puppy the very best start in life is always a priority. Not only will you want them to benefit from a healthy diet from the outset but putting in place the right dental hygiene program from an early age can help ensure that adult teeth come through in good condition and remain that way for as long as possible. Dog chews for puppies are a fantastic way of giving your tiny dog treats an entertaining experience as well as providing a number of health and nutritional benefits.


Healthy Puppy Chews that are Just the Right Size


One of the challenges when it comes to purchasing healthy dog chews for puppies is to ensure they are specifically designed to meet the needs of a smaller animal. Safe chews for puppies need to be small enough to not overwhelm tiny jaws and paws, as well as soft enough to be demolished easily by littler teeth. The healthy chew bones for puppies we make have been designed specifically to meet the needs of little, immature dogs that need an easily digestible, smaller, no hide best chew bones in order to obtain optimal benefits from it.


Healthy Puppy Chews


The puppy chew treats we offer are made from genuine chicken and pork skin. What this means is that when you buy puppy chew sticks from us, you are purchasing safe chew treats for puppies which are enriched with vitamins and minerals. If you are serious about ensuring your puppy has quality products, Nutri Chomps are for you.


Discover Our Chew Bones for Puppies


No matter what breed of puppy you might have, our puppy safe treats provide a safe, tasty and healthy option. Whether you wish to reward or amuse, a healthy puppy treat is the perfect choice. To find out more go to

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