Tips For Providing Healthy Puppy Chews

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As a first-time puppy owner, it can seem as if you are overwhelmed with advice, information and well-meaning comments by other dog owners you know and meet. It can be confusing to understand the behaviors of puppies and how to work with your dog from a young age to develop good health and good behavior habits.

Options in Products

Our team at Scott Pet as developed a line of healthy options in chews for weaned puppies. Depending on the size of the puppy you will be able to choose from the tiny dog through to the small dog varieties of our baked pork skin twists, knots, and bones. Some puppies may need a slightly larger size of our healthy puppy chews

To help you initially make the right choice and know when to size up again as the puppy grows, here are some important tips and factors to consider with our healthy puppy chews.

Size Considerations

Puppies, or dogs of any age, are prone to gulping or attempting to swallow things. To help avoid this issue always choose a chew size that is larger than the puppy’s mouth and supervise your dog anytime they have a dog chew.

Some puppies are more aggressive chewers. If you find the puppy quickly finishes a dog chew, try changing the size or shape of the chew.

You may also want to consider different flavors in our healthy puppy chews. We offer roasted, bacon and chicken flavor as well as a very popular bacon and pepperoni flavors.

While our products are rawhide-free and 99.9% digestible within 24 hours, they are not designed to replace a meal or become a training treat. We recommend one of our chew per day and monitor the puppy at all times when he or she is enjoying the chew.

To see our full selection of chews for weaned puppies, visit our website.