The Satisfaction In Choosing Rawhide Alternatives For Puppies

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The first day you bring home a new puppy is a very special experience. It is the start of a lifetime of friendship, love, and companionship that is unique to every dog and dog owner.

Giving your puppy the very best in food, treats and chews is important. This is what prompted our team at Scott Pet to come up with a safe, nutritious line of rawhide alternatives for puppies and all dogs through senior dogs.

Like our customers, the staff at Scott Pet are pet lovers. Most are also dog owners, so we know how important it is to feel good about what you are giving your companion. Our line of Nutri Chomps products is our answer to rawhide alternatives for puppies, and it offers several important benefits dog owners need to consider.

Safe Ingredients

Rawhide is not a safe ingredient. Even though your dog may seem okay with rawhide. The rawhide remains in their digestive track and leaves them feeling less than their best. The digestibility factor of this byproduct of the tanning industry is a very real concern.

After giving a puppy or a dog a rawhide chew, 15-50% of the rawhide is still undigested after 24 hours. Our Nutri Chomps products, made with real chicken, baked pork skin, milk, peanut butter and added vitamins and minerals is fully digested within 24 hours.

Range of Sizes, Shapes, and Flavors

Each puppy is different, so we offer a range of different sizes, shapes, and flavors in our Nutri Chomps rawhide alternatives for puppies. This includes knots, braids, and twists.

Flavors in our line are any dog’s favorites. This includes chicken, milk and peanut butter, and we know your puppy will love all three. To find a retailer near you and give Nutri Chomps a try, use our handy locator using your address by clicking here.