Why We Only Sell No Rawhide Dog Chews

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There are a lot of ways to make cheap, low quality and potentially dangerous types of chew toys and bones for dogs and puppies. Many dog food companies take this route, but this is not the way we do business at Scott Pet.

We focus on only using top quality ingredients and safe, healthy options for all of our Premium Nutri Chomps products. We make no rawhide dog chews for this reason; we want our customers to feel confident they are providing their puppy or dog with a healthy, safe and nutritious treat.

To help understand why we only manufacturer no rawhide dog chews here is a closer look at the potential risks involved in feeding dogs rawhide.

Rawhide Creates Digestive Problems

Many dogs have problems with rawhide. This can range from mild digestive upset to significant risk of blockages and obstruction in the digestive tract. This may result in the need for surgical procedures to correct the problem. Even if your dog seems to be fine chewing rawhide, the undigested rawhide that remains in their digestive system leaves them feeling less than their best.

At Scott Pet, our Premium Nutri Chomps line is manufactured in GFSI certified facilities. To meet GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards, our no rawhide dog chews have to be manufactured, processed, handled and stored according to the same standards used in human food production.

With Premium Nutri Chomps, there is 99.9% digestibility of our chews. In addition, since they are made with natural ingredients, there is a limited risk of any irritation to your pet, allowing you to feel good about providing a healthy, safe chew.

For more information about Premium Nutri Chomps products, visit us online at www.nutrichomps.com.