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"A few years ago one of our beloved dogs, Brass, choked on a rawhide chew. It was a scary experience we won't forget. We're thrilled there are safe alternatives, like Nutri Chomps, to satisfy our dogs' natural desire to chew!"


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Let’s hear it for those working dogs that have natural talents and that are carefully honed with intensive training to perform jobs that help their two-legged companions!

Meet Wren, this weeks Working Dog Wednesday feature!! Wren is a Labrador Mix who works as a service dog from Aurum Canine Services. Nutri Chomps gives Wren all the energy she needs to be a working dog!

Do you want your dog to be the next #WorkingDogWednesday feature? Send us your Police K9’s, hunting dogs, service dogs, or any dogs who lend a helping hand! If we choose your furry friend, they will receive their favorite bag of vet approved chews! Wren chose the Nutri Chomps Bones! What will your dog choose?

We will pick a new winner each week! 

Nutri Chomps

Rawhide Free Alternative

Fully Digestible

Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

High in Protein & Fiber

Low Carbs

Vet Recommended


Our Chomps Mobile is traveling nationwide promoting the importance of rawhide free chews for our furry friends! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates for when we will be visiting a city near you.


The truth is – rawhide is dangerous for dogs. Nutri Chomps offers an alternative to rawhide. Now your dogs can continue enjoying their chew time without sacrificing digestive health.


Enriched with nutrients essential for your dog's health, Nutri Chomps are made with real, quality ingredients


Nutri Chomps are packed full of protein – an essential nutrient that develops strong muscles, supports vital organs and promotes a healthy skin and coat.


Rawhide is difficult to digest and stays in the system for days, seriously gumming up the works. It’s uncomfortable – and in some dogs, it can cause severe blockage that could result in surgery.


Healthier & Safer Than Rawhide



Premium Nutri Chomps is committed to providing quality products to enhance a dog's life.

GSFI- certified manufacturing means safety for your pet and peace of mind for you.  

Rawhide Free Dog Chews for Optimal Nutrition


As a well-known company that specializes in nutritious no hide dog chews, we want every dog to enjoy tasty, safe dog chews which give them the added vitamins and minerals they need at the same time as providing a fun, flavorsome chew that enhances dental hygiene. Although some dog owners persist in giving their dogs rawhide chews, research shows that this is not the healthiest alternative for your pet. Our rawhide free chews treat offer a great alternative.


No Rawhide Dog Chews Which Are Packed With Good-Quality Ingredients


Our chews are made from authentic chicken and pork skin, enriched with vitamins and other essential trace elements. Designed as a reward for dogs, we offer some of the best non rawhide chews for dogs you will find on the market. The digestible dog chews we offer are suitable for almost every dog, regardless of breed, size, age.


Digestible Dog Bones and Chews from a GFSI-Certified Manufacturer


We care about our customers and their fur friends. That is why we take every care to ensure that the non-rawhide dog chews we sell are nutritious, premium options that add value to your dog's health at the same time as providing a helpful dental aid. Non-rawhide chews can reduce the build-up of tartar and help with the removal of food which has become lodged between the teeth.


Rawhide Free Chews to Show You Care


Dogs value the opportunity to chew on something tasty, so safe long lasting dog chews are often a great reward for good behavior, or a pleasant activity for your dog to enjoy. We provide an excellent selection of chews, all of which offer an attractive combination of taste and nutrition. To find a retailer near you or for anything else, go to

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