Making The Case For No Rawhide Dog Chews

Image for Making The Case For No Rawhide Dog Chews

It is not uncommon to hear a dog owner recommending a rawhide chew to another dog owner. Often statements such as “my dog loves these” or “I have never had a problem giving these to my dogs” is part of the recommendation.

However, these dog owners may simply be the lucky ones. Vets, breeders, and canine nutritionists have long questioned the safety of providing these types of chews to dogs, and there is a significant body of studies, reports, and evidence about the dangers.

Before talking about the benefits of feeding our Nutri Chomps line of No Rawhide Dog Chews, take a closer look at the specific risks of feeding rawhide chew bones for a weaned puppy or dog of any age.

  • Digestive irritation – approximately 15-50% of rawhide is undigested in the dog’s stomach and intestines with 24 hours after consumption. This means the material in a mass is sitting in the dog’s digestive tract, creating a risk for a potentially life-threatening blockage.
  • Choking – with chewing, rawhide becomes soft and pliable, and pieces both large and small can easily break off and the dog or puppy may swallow them whole. These pieces can easily lodge in the throat or the esophagus, causing choking. These chews can also be easily gnawed to a smaller size and then swallowed, which is not uncommon and can be very dangerous.
  • Contaminants – Googling rawhide recalls will give most dog owners pause to offer these chews to their dogs.

Choosing our No Rawhide Dog Chews eliminates these risks. Fully digested after 24 hours, made in a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified facility and full of healthy ingredients, are Nutri Chomps are a dog chew you can feel good about giving your pet.

To find out more about our ingredients, visit our Ingredients and Benefits page on this site.