For Your Dog’s Health Choose A Safe Alternative To Rawhide Chews For Dogs

Image for For Your Dog’s Health Choose A Safe Alternative To Rawhide Chews For Dogs

Imagine eating something you were not particularly fond of, but it had an average taste and gave you the satisfaction of doing something as you chewed on the food. Now, imagine the food item did not fully digest in your stomach and digestive tract. In fact, 15-50% of the material remained undigested after 24 hours in your body.

Would you want to continue to eat the food? Would you feel great or would you have a heavy, bloated and uncomfortable feeling as you went about your day and evening?

At Scott Pet, we would not want to eat things like that, and we do not think our dogs would either. The scenario above was an example of what your dog experiences when he or she chews on a rawhide bone. Any dog owner who has given their pet a rawhide chew knows the slimy mess left behind, but they may not realize the same slimy mess is now in their dog’s digestive system.

Our Healthy Alternative

We have created a safe alternative to rawhide chews for dogs in our Nutri Chomps line. These dog chews are 100% rawhide free and are made from healthy, natural ingredients such as milk, peanut butter, chicken and baked pork skin.

Baking the pork skin removes 70% of the fat, but still leaves the great pork flavor. This is similar to pork rinds which are a favorite for people, but we bake, roll, braid, twist and knot the product to create a safe alternative to rawhide chews.

Our safe alternative to rawhide chews come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Fully digested in the body within 24 hours, they are a great alternative for weaned puppies and dogs of all ages. For more information on the difference in Nutri Chomps and rawhide, check out this page.