Medium Breed Dog Chews

Your dog is a great dog, weighing between 40-60 pounds. And every great dog needs and deserves great tasting, nutritious chews and treats sized just right for them.


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4.5″ Chicken and Duck Kabobs – 6 Count

4″ Assorted Flavor Knots – 9 Count

4″ Chicken Wrapped Knots – 7 Count

4″ Milk Knots – 9 Count

4″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Knots – 8 Count

5″ Assorted Flavor Mini Twists – 12 Count

5″ Assorted Flavor Wrapped Mini Sticks -15 Count

5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

My dogs went CRAZY over this treat!!

- Ashlyn Sugg

5″ Peanut Butter Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Twists – 12 Count

What Are Medium Dog Treats?

When medium-sized dogs chew on little chews meant for little dogs, they may swallow them whole, missing all the flavor, exercise, and fun of a satisfying chew. And sometimes, the biggest chews present more struggle than satisfaction for medium-sized dogs. Therefore, your medium-sized dog needs medium dog treats. But what are “medium dog treats?” They’re chews perfectly sized for them!

At NutriChomps, we have developed a line of healthy, flavorful dog chews in multiple sizes to suit every member of your furry family, from weaned puppies and toy dogs right on up to the biggest boys in town. Our size guide will point you to the best chew treats for your dog by weight. For the best chews for medium-sized dogs, you’re in the right place!

Why Use Dog Chews?

The best medium dog treats give your furry friend something to really sink her teeth into and chew. It is the chewiness, just as much as the flavor, that makes a real treat. After all, dogs love to chew. From the time they are young puppies, dogs explore their world, manage stress, and relax through chewing. Chewing alleviates the pain of teething for puppies and helps combat boredom in older dogs. For dogs of all ages (and sizes!), chewing exercises jaw muscles and strengthens teeth. It’s critical to your dog’s health and well-being.

Providing your friend with healthy dog chews is the best way to prevent destructive chewing. He doesn’t mean to irritate you by aerating your footwear! He just needs to chew, and your shoes are handy, and he doesn’t know better. Redirect your favorite chewer’s attention to appropriate and healthy chew treats for medium dogs and praise him for using them. With some repetition, your problem is solved!

NutriChomps Medium Dog Treats and Chews

At NutriChomps, we pack all the great flavor and top quality nutrition into chews sized just right for your medium-sized friend. We make our medium dog treats from the same quality ingredients you feed your family, like real chicken meat, peanut butter, and milk. They’re loaded with protein to help build healthy bones and muscles. Who needs artificial flavors or colorings when you’ve got the real flavors dogs love?

We also pack our chews with plenty of fiber to aid digestion, and our chews are vitamin and mineral enriched. Our medium dog treats have the flavor and chewy consistency dogs crave and the nutrition you can rely on.

Just like people, our furry friends appreciate variety. So, our best chew bones for medium dogs are made in a number of shapes, textures, and flavors. We recommend choosing our chicken and duck meat kabobs or our knots in assorted flavors as a reward to reinforce a successful training session. Meanwhile, a chicken or peanut butter stick or twist is the perfect way for your dog to wind down after romping with friends in the park.

You’ll find a range of uses for our braided chews. The texture is intriguing for dogs to explore. Offer whole braids or unwind them and break them to vary the way you give them. Some of our most popular chews are our ear-shaped chews, made from real chicken meat and pork skin. The unusual shape and size make these ears perfect for dogs of all sizes!

We formulate our chews to remain pliable as your dog chews, so he’ll enjoy a good workout. This also works to clean tartar and plaque from his teeth to boost his dental hygiene.

NutriChomps – The Healthy Alternative to Rawhide

We get it; rawhide chews are inexpensive and easy to find. But they are also made from a toxic brew of chemicals like bleach, glue, and formaldehyde. Rawhide offers no nutritional value to dogs and cannot be digested. The rawhide simply sits in his intestinal tract for days before being passed, often painfully. While this is the usual fate of swallowed rawhide, it can also pose a serious risk of intestinal blockage.

Alternatively, NutriChomps patented, rawhide-free medium dog chews are made from quality food ingredients. They are fully digestible and a safe and healthy choice for your medium-sized best friend. They’re sized just right for your dog’s needs.

Don’t just ask him, “Who’s a good dog?” Show him you really know by giving him NutriChomps today!

Discover our full line of healthy dog chews online at Amazon and Chewy or with your local retailers like PetSmart or Target.