Knotted Bones for Dogs

Knotted bones are some of our most popular dog chews. Made from premium quality ingredients, our rawhide-free knotted dog bones are the perfect treat.


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2.5″ Chicken Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Peanut Butter Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Knots – 12 Count

4″ Assorted Flavor Knots – 9 Count

4″ Chicken Wrapped Knots – 7 Count

4″ Milk Knots – 9 Count

4″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Knots – 8 Count

After an exciting day at the beach or park, your dog will unwind and calm himself down while gnawing on his favorite knotted chew.

Choosing Knotted Chews

Even the tastiest treat benefits from a bit of variety. That’s why we make our knotted dog bones in several flavors. Your best friend will love our mini knots and our 4-inch chicken knots with a savory wrap. Both are made with real chicken meat and tasty pork skin. If your dog enjoys the taste of milk, try our milk knots — a fan favorite. Peanut butter is high in protein and loaded with healthy fats, and it makes for a flavor sensation in our peanut butter mini knots. Or choose our assorted knots for a little bit of everything.

Our easy-to-digest knot bones for dogs come in two sizes, 2-inch mini knots and 4-inch knots. Size matters when it comes to dog chews. A chew treat that is too large can be frustrating for small dogs that may struggle to chew it properly. But a chew that’s too small is likely to be swallowed whole by big dogs, which means they miss out on the value and fun of the chew.

At NutriChomps, we’re invested in your dog’s health and happiness, and we have designed our healthy dog chews in a variety of sizes to suit different dogs. Consult our size guide to find the perfect chews by weight for weaned puppies and tiny dogs right on up to great big dogs weighing 90 pounds or more.

For added variety, consider other shapes of our healthy chews including sticks, braided treats, twists, and ear-shaped chews, each made with premium ingredients and wholesome nutrition.

Why Dogs Chew

If you think our nutritious, tasty knot bones for dogs will make the perfect treat, we agree! But NutriChomps chews are more than just a treat. They provide your dog with an appropriate outlet for his innate need to chew.

All dogs have a genuine need to chew. From the time they are puppies and chewing to alleviate the pain of incoming teeth, chewing is essential for dogs. Puppies and young dogs explore their world in part by chewing. Their sensitive mouths take in so much information gathered by licking, lipping, gnawing, and chewing. Chewing is both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing, providing an excellent method of stress relief for your dog.

As important as chewing is for dogs, you don’t have to tolerate destructive chewing. When your dog attempts to chew your slippers, say “no” firmly and offer a knotted bone instead. Praise him when he chews the offered knot. This way, you support your dog’s need to chew while communicating clearly which items are good to chew and which are off-limits.

Rawhide-Free Knotted Bones

NutriChomps dog chews stand apart from the competition due to the premium ingredients we use. Real chicken, milk, and peanut butter impart delicious flavor and top-quality nutrition. Our tasty chews are loaded with protein and fiber, are low in carbohydrates, and have plenty of healthy fats and collagen. They are vitamin and mineral enriched to meet your dog’s specific needs. Our U.S.-patented chews are naturally digestible and are a wholesome treat to reward your dog in between meals.

As important as what they contain are the common ingredients that our chews do not include. Our 100% rawhide-free knotted bones, sticks, braids, and chews contain no rawhide and none of the many toxic chemicals used to make rawhide. We don’t use artificial flavors, fillers, or coloring. Only the best-quality nutrition is good enough for your dogs and ours.

NutriChomps Commitment to Quality

At NutriChomps, we understand your dog is your family. That’s why we make our premium knotted bones and dog chews from the same quality ingredients you feed the rest of your family. We then manufacture our chews in a state-of-the-art facility certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The GFSI is the same international board that regulates the production of food around the world. Ours is one of the very few pet treat and pet food manufacturing facilities in the world to have earned a GFSI-certification.

Where to Find NutriChomps

Now that you know NutriChomps knotted bones and chews are the best on the market, where can you find them? Discover our entire line of nutritious chews online at Amazon and Chewy. Or use our locator tool to find a retailer near you.