Chicken Chews for Dogs

Whether you’re looking for top-quality nutrition or tasty treats your dog is sure to love, you’ve found them with NutriChomps chicken chews for dogs.


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15″ Chicken Wrapped Long Stick – 1 Count

2.5″ Chicken Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Knot – 8 Count

2.5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Knots – 12 Count

4.5″ Chicken and Duck Kabobs – 6 Count

4″ Chicken Wrapped Knots – 7 Count

4″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Knots – 8 Count

5″ Chicken Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

- Josh Billings

5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Mini Twists – 12 Count

5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Twists – 4 Count

We make our chicken-flavored chews using only premium ingredients like quality chicken meat, milk, and peanut butter. We also load them up with fiber to benefit your dog’s digestive system. Our chews are vitamin and mineral enriched, formulated for a dog’s specific dietary needs. We include no artificial flavors or colors, and we don’t use fillers or empty carbohydrates–just wholesome nutrition. The tough, chewy consistency gives your dog a flavorful treat combined with the benefits of a satisfying chew.

Variety of Dog Chews with Chicken

Dogs enjoy a variety of flavors, shapes, and textures when it comes to their chews, which is why we make our chicken chews for dogs in various styles. Our chicken kabobs are the perfect treat to reinforce a successful training session. Our twists are chicken chew sticks for dogs with the long, linear shape dogs enjoy playing with. The next time you’re throwing a stick for him to fetch, make the last throw with a chicken stick. We also feature chicken knots, which give your dog a chance to really sink his teeth into a larger chunk of tasty goodness.

To top it off, our chicken braided chews give you flexibility in the way you offer the treat. The braids have intriguing texture dogs enjoy exploring in their mouths. Try unwinding the braid to vary the way you offer these chicken-flavored dog chews. With our mixed-flavor braids, one strand is chicken, another is milk, and the third is peanut butter. Offer an entire strand, or break it into smaller chew treats.

Chicken Chews for Dogs of All Sizes

Did you know that the size chew treats you offer your dog matters? Large dogs often swallow small chews whole, which just bypasses many of the chew’s benefits. And small dogs may struggle with chews that are too large to chew comfortably. That’s why we make our healthy dog chews in a range of sizes as well as shapes. We also offer ears, made with real chicken meat and pork skin, which are chicken-flavored chews with an unusual shape that makes them the perfect fit for doggos of all sizes.

Consult our size guide to determine the best NutriChomps chews for every member of your fur family, from weaned puppies and toy dogs right on up to the biggest boys in the neighborhood, weighing in at 90+ pounds.

Why Dogs Chew

All dogs share an innate need to chew. From the time they are puppies, chewing has been a source of comfort. Chewing alleviates the pain of teething, and it releases stress caused by weaning and being separated from mom and siblings. Chewing is also a way puppies explore their world. As they grow, they continue to learn in part by lipping, licking, gnawing, and chewing. It is a source of mental stimulation they greatly enjoy throughout their lives.

Don’t try to break your dog’s habit of chewing. It is a deeply ingrained need that provides him with many benefits. Instead, redirect his destructive chewing to appropriate chew toys and nutritious chicken chew bones for dogs. Be clear in communicating what he should not chew, and offer praise when he chews his toys and treats.

Rawhide-Free Dog Chews with Chicken

All of our chicken-flavored dog treats are made from premium chicken meat, with chicken listed as the first ingredient. And they are 100% rawhide-free. While we make NutriChomps chews from quality ingredients and superior nutrition, rawhide is made from a toxic brew of chemical compounds, including bleach, arsenic, formaldehyde, and glue.

All of our healthy chews are fully digestible, but rawhide cannot be completely digested, remaining in a doggo’s digestive tract for days. Rawhide poses a severe risk of intestinal blockage, so choose our raw-hide alternatives.

Why Choose NutriChomps Chicken Chews

We love our doggos as much as you love yours. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring the best quality nutrition and ingredients for all our dog chews. Our patented chews are made from premium ingredients in a state-of-the-art facility that is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)–the same organization that regulates the production of food. Ours is one of the few pet food and treat facilities in the world to earn a GFSI certification.

In addition to chicken chew bones for dogs, we offer milk and peanut butter chews in various shapes, textures, and sizes. Explore our entire lineup and discover your dog’s next favorite at Amazon, Chewy, or your local retailers.

Choose NutriChomps chicken chews for dogs because your dog deserves the very best.