Best Rawhide Alternative Chews For Dogs

Great Range of Non Rawhide Dog Bones


We are an established company that specializes in pet products, including a selection of healthy chew bones for dogs. With many of our customers looking for alternatives to rawhide bones, it seemed timely to introduce a range of no rawhide dog bones creating an easily digested, safe & healthy option. Our healthy dog bones include several different types, providing customers with some of the best rawhide free bones on the market.


Dog Chew Bones Made From Pork or Chicken


The rawhide free bones we manufacture are made using first class chicken and pork skin. Our no hide chicken chews and Pork Chomps for dogs contain plenty of nutrition and are packed with flavor. We are proud to offer non rawhide bones that provide a delicious chew at the same time as being nutritious and digestible. Better for your dog, our chicken and pork skin chews for dogs are always a welcome treat.


Non Rawhide Dog Bones for Better Dental Hygiene


Without proper cleaning, a dog's teeth can begin to decay quite rapidly. Regular chewing on one of our no rawhide bones can assist with oral hygiene, helping your dog to remove particles of food from between their teeth and preventing the build-up of plaque, which can harden to form tartar.


Rawhide Free Dog Bones for Puppies and Big Dogs


We understand that at different stages in their life, or depending on their breed, a dog will require different rawhide bones alternatives. That is why we create a number of chew options, ensuring that dogs of all ages and breeds can enjoy a suitable product. For further information about our best non rawhide bones, go to

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