Chews: No Rawhide Bones

Although historically dogs have been rewarded with a rawhide bone, the reality is that rawhide is not the healthiest option. A growing number of pet owners are choosing no rawhide dog bones for their pets. Non rawhide dog bones provide all the amusement and dental benefits of a hide bone, but with the added advantages that they taste absolutely delicious and are also easy to digest. If you want to give your dog a healthy, wholesome chew, one of our alternatives to rawhide bones could be what you are looking for.

Rawhide Free Dog Bones


Our dog chew bones are created from premium-grade chicken and pork skin. These rawhide bones alternatives are packed with nutrition. Your dog will be receiving vitamins and minerals with every chew they consume. Because non rawhide bones are actually digested quite quickly, rather than staying within the gut for days, the valuable nutrients are absorbed, helping to optimize your pet's health.

Rawhide Free Bones From Complementary Pet Food Experts


With more than four decades of trading behind us, we have established a strong position as a market leader in the pet industry, including some of the best rawhide free bones you will find anywhere. The range of healthy chew bones for dogs we provide includes versions which are suitable for big dogs, small puppies and all sizes in between!


Non Rawhide Dog Bones


All our products are proudly made with the utmost quality. Created to provide entertainment, enhance dental hygiene and supplement your dog's nutrition, our healthy dog bones are an all-round winner for your pet. To take advantage of some of the best non rawhide bones, find a retailer near you at

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