Milk Chews for Dogs

Dogs love the flavor of milk. And it’s a good thing because milk is loaded with nutrition, including protein, calcium, and many essential vitamins and minerals that help keep dogs healthy.


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4″ Milk Knots – 9 Count

6″ Milk Braids – 4 Count

9″ Milk Braids – 4 Count

NutriChomps milk chews are made with real milk and other premium ingredients. Our chews are more than a treat or a snack — they’re a part of your dog’s healthy, well-balanced diet.

Show him he’s a good boy when you give him milk chews for dogs.

Choosing Milk Chews

Dogs enjoy variety as much as we do. That’s why we make our NutriChomps milk chews in a range of shapes and textures. Our milk knots give your dog a chance to really sink his teeth into them, and they make a perfect treat following a successful training session. Small dogs enjoy our mini twists in assorted flavors of chicken, peanut butter, and milk dog chews.

Meanwhile, our milk-flavored braids provide dogs with an interesting texture to explore as they chew. Give large dogs the entire braid or unwind the strands to vary how you offer the treat. Our mixed-flavor braids include one strand of chicken, peanut butter, and milk for a combo flavor dogs love.

Did you know that size matters when choosing milk chews or any kind of chews for dogs? Small dogs enjoy little chews. They may even struggle to chew on bones that are too large. Alternatively, big dogs often swallow small chews whole, missing out on the fun of exercising their jaw muscles. The ideal size chew for your dog is just a bit larger than the dog’s mouth. Consult our size guide to discover the best NutriChomps chews for every member of your fur family. We offer premium quality dog chews for everyone, from weaned puppies and toy dogs right on up to dogs weighing in over 90 pounds.

Why Dogs Chew

From the time they are puppies, dogs get tremendous value out of chewing. During puppyhood, chewing eased the pain of teething. Chewing also helps a dog explore his world, providing important mental stimulation. Chewing exercises and strengthens both teeth and jaw muscles and provides an outlet for energy, helping your dog to calm himself down after a session of vigorous play. What’s more, chewing helps relieve stress due to various situations, from leaving mom and siblings to meeting new friends.

Dogs need to chew. But they don’t need to chew your shoes or furniture. Redirect destructive chewing by providing safe chew toys, nutritious milk-flavored chews, and other appropriate targets for his need to chew.

Why Choose NutriChomps for Milk-Flavored Dog Chews

You’ll feel good giving your best friend NutriChomps milk-flavored dog chews because we use only the kind of premium ingredients you feed your family. Our chews feature real ingredients like chicken meat, peanut butter, and, of course, milk. We load up our chews with healthy dietary fiber to benefit your dog’s digestive system. Our patented dog chews are also vitamin and mineral enriched to boost everything from healthy bones to a shiny coat.

Because your dog’s health and welfare are paramount, our chews are 100% rawhide-free. Unlike rawhide, our milk-flavored dog treats and all our chews are free of toxic chemicals and are fully digestible. Don’t risk painful intestinal blockages with rawhide. Give your dog healthy, nutritious chews instead.

Our commitment to quality is second to none. We manufacture NutriChomps chews in a state-of-the-art facility certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This is the same international governing board that regulates food safety standards for food. Ours is one of the few pet food and treat facilities to become GFSI certified.

Where to Find NutriChomps Milk Chews

Dogs never outgrow their love of milk. NutriChomps milk-flavored dog treats give your dog the flavor he craves with the quality nutrition he deserves.

In addition to our milk chews, explore our selection of chicken chews and peanut butter chews for dogs. You’ll find our entire lineup of tasty, nutritious dog chews online with Amazon and Chewy. We also have a handy tool to help you locate NutriChomps at a local retailer near you.

Now that you know NutriChomps milk chews are the best on the market, pick some up today!