NutriChomps Size Guide

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE NUTRICHOMPS: The chew size you choose will depend largely on your dog’s size and chewing habits. We have provided some general guidelines to best match your pup with a NutriChomps product group, but in the end it will be up to your pup! 

Getting the right chew for your dog can prove to be a bit of an art form. It requires choosing a chew that will satisfy his need to chew, provide great entertainment and satisfy his taste buds. We recommend keeping several flavors on hand; then when your dog gets bored with one flavor you'll be ready to switch them to another. They like variety just like their humans. 


CHEWING HABITS: If your dog is an aggressive chewer, it's best to give them a size or two larger to prevent them trying from accidentally swallowing the chew whole. 


SIZE: Recommended size is slightly larger than your dog's mouth. 

Extra Large Dogs

90 lbs Plus

When giving your dog a chew, always supervise use. 

If this is a new treat or chew for your pet, serve in a limited quantity initially. Excessive use may upset their stomach. 

Chews and Treats are not meant as meal replacements. 

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