Peanut Butter Chews

Peanut butter is more than a tasty treat for kids. Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, heart-healthy fats, and important nutrients like vitamin E, B, and niacin. This makes peanut butter chews a nutritious treat for dogs.


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15″ Peanut Butter Wrapped Long Stick – 1 Count

2.5″ Peanut Butter Mini Knot – 8 Count

5″ Peanut Butter Wrapped Mini Twists – 10 Count

5″ Real Chicken Wrapped Advanced Peanut Butter Twists – 4 Count

6″ Peanut Butter Braids – 4 Count

But don’t use just any peanut butter, as many choices are loaded with salt, sugar, and artificial sweeteners that are toxic to dogs. For delicious, healthy peanut butter dog chews, turn to NutriChomps.

NutriChomps Peanut Butter Chews

At NutriChomps, we use only premium ingredients in our dog chews, like quality chicken meat, milk, and peanut butter. Our peanut butter chew sticks for dogs are made with plenty of peanuts but no added sugar or salt. They’re loaded with dietary fiber for your dog’s digestive health. What’s more, all our dog chews are collagen, vitamin, and mineral-enriched to nourish his system for everything he needs for a healthy body, from strong bones to a shiny coat. When you start with real ingredients, good nutrition is delicious!

We formulate our healthy dog chews to nourish your dog’s body, but your dog still craves variety, just like the rest of us. That’s why we make our dog chews in a variety of flavors, shapes, and textures to keep his nutrition fresh and fun. In addition to peanut butter flavored dog treats, we offer an array of chicken and milk chews, as well as chicken meat kabobs and chicken and pork skin ears.

Choosing Peanut Butter Dog Chews

Did you know that size matters when choosing dog chews? Little dogs often struggle to chew on large chews and bones, while big dogs are likely to swallow small chews whole, entirely missing the chewing. The best-sized chew for your dog is just a bit larger than his mouth.

NutriChomps offers a variety of shapes and sizes, so we have the right chew for every member of your fur family, from weaned puppies on up. Consult our size guide to find the best chews for your dog by weight, from tiny dogs to those weighing in over 90 pounds.

Your dog has a sensitive mouth, so he enjoys exploring different shapes and textures as he chews. Look for our long stick peanut butter chews for big dogs and our mini twists for small dogs. Meanwhile, our peanut butter braids and mixed flavor braids are perfect for all dogs. Feed an entire braid to a large dog, or unravel the braid and offer individual strands to your dog’s liking.

Why Dogs Chew

Giving your dog a peanut butter chew is more than just a quick treat. It is a way to support healthy chewing and can even play a role in preventing destructive chewing.

All dogs have an innate need to chew. From the time they are puppies, dogs explore their world in part by chewing. Chewing provides important mental stimulation. And, when they are teething as puppies, chewing is a source of relief from the discomfort of new teeth coming in. As they grow, dogs continue to use chewing as a way to alleviate stress in situations like being separated from mom and siblings or adapting to a new home and new friends.

Your dog’s chewing is not a problem. It’s when he starts chewing your shoes or furniture that it becomes a problem. Always provide your dog with chew toys and tasty, nutritious chew treats to divert him from destructive chewing. When you offer a peanut butter-flavored dog bone, praise him when he chews it to distinguish between approved and destructive chewing.

Why Choose NutriChomps Peanut Butter Dog Treats

You love your dog like family, so we feed him like family. We make all NutriChomps chews using only premium ingredients, just like you feed your own family. Like all our nutritious dog chews, we make our peanut butter chews rawhide-free for your dog’s health and safety. Rawhide is made from discarded cowhide using a toxic brew of chemical compounds like bleach, arsenic, glue, and formaldehyde. There is no food value in rawhide, and it cannot be fully digested. Rawhide poses a serious risk of intestinal blockage, making raw-hide-free NutriChomps the best and safest choice for your dog.

We formulate our healthy dog chews to be a part of a well-balanced diet. We manufacture our patented chews in a state-of-the-art facility that is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This is the same international organization that regulates food standards. Ours is one of the few pet food and treat facilities to have earned the GFSI certification.

Where to Find NutriChomps

Discover NutriChomps peanut butter chews and our entire lineup online at Amazon and Chewy. Or let us help you find them at a local retailer near you.

Because your dog deserves the very best, give him NutriChomps peanut butter chews today!