Braided Dog Chews

Braided dog chews give your dog an intriguing shape and texture to explore as he chomps away. They’re the perfect treat to reinforce a successful training session or to help your dog unwind after an exciting visit to the dog park.


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6″ Assorted Flavor Braids – 4 Count

6″ Chicken Braids – 4 Count

6″ Milk Braids – 4 Count

6″ Multi-Ply Assorted Flavor Braids – 10 Count

6″ Peanut Butter Braids – 4 Count

9″ Milk Braids – 4 Count

NutriChomps Braided Dog Chews

NutriChomps braided dog treats are made from premium ingredients like real chicken meat, milk, and protein-rich peanut butter. Choose single-flavor packages, like our braided peanut butter rawhide-free dog chews, or consider multiple flavors for variety. We offer packs of assorted flavor braid dog chews as well as our mixed-flavor dog treats braided with a strand of chicken, peanut butter, and milk. All of our chews are loaded with collagen, dietary fiber, and heart-healthy fats to boost your dog’s health and welfare while giving him the wholesome flavor he deserves.

Give large dogs one of our braided dog bones to chew whole. For smaller dogs, try unwinding our braided chews to give just a single strand at a time. Whatever way you offer the braided dog treats, the flavors, vitamins, and mineral-enriched nutrition are sure to please. For the best chews to suit and satisfy every dog in your fur family, consult our size guide.

Why Dogs Chew

Did you know that all dogs share an innate need to chew? From the time they are puppies, chewing plays a significant role in a dog’s life. Puppies chew to ease the pain of teething and to alleviate the stress of being separated from mom and siblings. Puppies also explore their world in part by chewing. As dogs mature, they continue to use chewing for stress-relief and for mental stimulation. Chewing plays an integral role in your dog’s overall health and well-being.

While your dog does need to chew, he doesn’t have to chew your shoes or furniture. Destructive chewing must be met with a firm “no.” Then, follow immediately with a braid dog chew or a chew toy, giving your dog praise when he chews the appropriate item. This way, you can support his need to chew while clearly communicating what not to chew.

NutriChomps Commitment to Quality

We understand that your dog is family. That’s why we make our nutritious braided dog chews from the same food you feed your family. Further, we produce our patented chews in a state-of-the-art facility certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This is the same international board that regulates the production of human food worldwide. Ours is one of the few pet food and treat manufacturing facilities in the world to earn the GFSI certification.

Where to Find NutriChomps Braided Dog Chews

Discover NutriChomps braided dog treats and our entire line of nutritious chews online at Amazon and Chewy. Or use our locator tool to help you find a local retailer who stocks our products near you.

Treat your dog to NutriChomps braided dog chews today.