Nutri Chomps For Large Dogs

Suggested Items for Dogs 60 lbs and Up

Large Dog Chew Bones Provide a Nutritious Snack


Just like their owners, almost all dogs enjoy a treat from time to time. If you are looking for the best bones for big dogs that has the added advantages of improving dental hygiene as well as providing additional nutrition and an engaging activity for your pet to enjoy, one of our chew bones could be the perfect solution. We have designed chews offering options for all sizes, even some extra large dog bones enough to be easily held and gnawed by bigger breeds.


Big Dog Chew Bones that Make a Great Activity


Our company is a well-known and well-respected provider of high-grade dog products. When it comes to our chews, we use high-grade, real chicken and pork skin, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure nutrients with every bite. It also means that our large dog treats taste great, giving your pet plenty of flavor during consumption. You can find the size right for you dog using our size guide on the nutria chomps website.


Rawhide Free Big Dog Bones Chew


None of our chews contain rawhide, which many animal professionals feel to be a sub-optimal choice for dog chews. This means you can feed them to your pet, confident they are enjoying a chew which does them good. Regular chewing can reduce the risk of tartar and plaque build-up on teeth, significantly reducing the risk of decay and tooth ache as well.


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We are proud of the products we offer, as we feel they offer health benefits to your pet as well as being a great snack that is ideal to use as a reward, or simply as a treat for your dog to enjoy at their leisure. To find out more about our range of non rawhide chews for large dogs, find a retailer or for anything else go to

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