Great Tasting Rawhide Alternatives


Even though rawhide is now recognized as a potentially unhealthy (and even dangerous) doesn’t mean you and your dog don’t have healthy options. We offer a selection of non-rawhide chews which have been created to give dogs a safe and healthy chew but in a more digestible format. The rawhide alternative we offer provides a healthy, nutritious chew that is always appreciated.


Healthy Rawhide Alternative


The best alternative to rawhide bones, our chews are made from chicken and pork skin. Each dog rawhide alternative is nutritious, ensuring that when you buy Nutri Chomps no-rawhide dog chews, your dog is obtaining valuable vitamins and minerals from every bite. Our rawhide alternative for dogs is easy to digest, making it suitable for puppies and elderly animals as well as dogs in their prime.


Safe Alternative to Rawhide Chews for Dogs


Our rawhide alternatives for dogs can keep them amused for hours, reducing the risk of more destructive activity. An alternative to rawhide chews that still offers plenty of entertainment, non-rawhide dog chews can also reduce tartar and plaque build-up, often resulting in better dental health.


Flavorful Alternative to Rawhide


The alternatives to rawhide that we create are made to the highest possible standards using premium ingredients. If you want your dog to enjoy a tasty chew that is also good for them, a selection of our long lasting rawhide alternative chews would be a good investment! To find a retailer near you go to

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