No Hide Chicken Chews Have a Great Flavor


Did you know that many conventional rawhide chews are actually flavored with chicken in order to make them more palatable? We know that taste matters to dogs, as does premium nutrition. That is why we have created a selection of no hide chicken chews made from chicken and pork skin. Designed to appeal to dogs of all ages, our chewing chicken bones are much easier to digest than traditional hide alternatives.


Chicken Skin Dog Treats


The chicken bone dog treats we manufacture are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Whether you have a puppy who would benefit from a soft, small chicken wrapped chews to keep them amused, or you have a larger dog who requires a super-sized chicken rawhide free bones, we have a suitable selection on offer. Our chicken flavored dog treats can be used as a training aid, as a way to keep your dog stimulated or as a reward.


Chicken Dog Treats Could Improve Dental Hygiene


Unfortunately, it is all too easy for dogs to end up with bits of food trapped between their teeth. Over time this food can decompose, providing a breeding ground for plaque which can potentially lead to decay and toothache, as well as the premature loss of teeth. Regular chew chewing can help to remove lodged food particles, potentially improving dental health.


Chicken Chews for Dogs


Scott Pet is a leader in the pet industry with more than four decades of successful operation in the field. If you want to give your dog a healthy chicken chews sticks that also tastes delicious, our Nutri Chomps chicken and pork skin chews are a great idea. To find a retailer near you visit

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